Welcome. I’m glad you’re here. Below is the recording I made of Refuturing Statements to continue the process of expansion that the book began.

When I work with clients and groups, the statements come to me in the moment, like an intuitive or cosmic download. The same is true with these. Some of them may have been listed in the book. Some are new.

Please start by listening to the first recording as it contains instructions. The second recording (without instructions) can then be used for your regular practice.

Here is your Refuturing Gift.

Note: To download the files, simply click on the down arrow.

Refuturing Statements Recording

Refuturing Statements Recording (without instructions)

Feel the Love

I’m offering a program called Feel the Love for readers of my book. Through a series of recordings, you’ll deepen your experience of being lovable and loved on all levels – mental, physical, emotional and energetic. To find out more about this special pay-what-you-can offer, just click here.